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During your initial visit you will begin with the consultation portion in order for us to understand what is happening to you has a whole.  This is followed by the physical examination and x-rays, if needed.  We have an x-ray facility here at the office.  Once all of this information is gathered and a diagnosis can be made, a customized treatment plan will be provided.  At this point the doctor will begin treatment that is specific to your condition.

We have a variety of modalities here at the office including electric stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and percussion therapy.  

Our goal is to return the patient back to their regular activities in as little time as possible.  We do not over treat patients. 

Location and Parking

We are located at 131 N. El Molino Ave Suite 180, Pasadena, CA, 91101 inside the Iron Workers Office Plaza. Complimentary parking tokens are available at the reception desk to validate your parking.  The parking lot is located adjacent to the building.

What to Bring

On your initial visit please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out the necessary paperwork. It is recommended to wear flexible clothing and avoid restrictive clothing.  

Your Appointment

Office Hours

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