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Spinal Adjustments

Diversified chiropractic manipulations are performed to help with ranges of motion and maintain spine health.


We use state of the art modalities including therapeutic ultrasound, electric stimulation, and percussion therapy. 

Therapeutic Exercises

Customized exercises to help strengthen specific muscle groups and help avoid future injuries.

Diet and Nutrition

Whether you want to lose a couple pounds or simply eat healthier, we can help you achieve your health goals!

Welcome to Rodriguez Chiropractic 
Dr. Rodriguez performing a side posture adjustment

Pasadena Chiropractor 

When looking for a chiropractor in Pasadena, Monrovia, San Gabriel, Arcadia, and throughout the San Gabriel Valley,  choose a chiropractor who is determined to treat the cause of injury rather than the symptoms.  Injuries affect individuals in a variety of ways and impact their activites of daily living whether it's exercise or simple chores around the house.  Do not let these injuries hold you back from doing the things you love and enjoy. 

Rodriguez Chiropractic is a patient-centered chiropractic clinic.  Dr. Jerry Rodriguez is a sports medicine chiropractor who provides a variety of chiropractic techniques.  He understands that there is no one way to treat an injury and that every individual is affected differently.  We use the most up to date evidence based treatment and state of the art modalities to conduct our personalized treatment plans for our patients. 


Our goal is to get to know and understand our patients so we can provide the best possible care that is tailored to their needs.  We take great pride in serving our community and keeping individuals as healthy as possible. 

Se habla español. 


Alex A. 

Dr. Rodriguez is a miracle worker! I had Extreme back pain due to my time in the military and tried many things to get rid of my chronic pain.  After a few sessions, most of my pain was gone! I never thought I can live a life with out my low back pain but Dr. Rodriguez made it possible! 

Oscar R.

Hurt my back at work and was recommended to Dr. Rodriguez for help and that is what I got! His team totally helped me out and now my back is better than ever. Great team and very smart, they will certainly help with your back issues. 

Chris L.

Dr. Rodriguez is the best chiropractor in the 626! Highly recommended.  He instantly helped with my back discomfort and I couldn't be more grateful. The staff is as professional as can be. Looking forward to the next session.

Office Hours

Monday                  8am-12pm

Tuesday                 Off

Wednesday            8am-6pm

Thursday                8am-6pm

Friday                     8am-6pm

Saturday                Off

Sunday                   8am-12pm

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